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In my 6+ years in the world of recruitment I have honestly seen it all. I’ve experienced the full spectrum of a toxic work environment with racism, sexual harassment, misogyny and plain old bad, entitled behaviour as popular themes. I started Qwerk in March 2020 as a response to those terrible experiences with horrific employers; Qwerk is my own contribution to making the world a better place.  

I’ve been a single parent so I understand the juggle and balance of work and family. I’ve followed a few career paths and come up against plenty of challenges so I can fully empathise with candidates and the life-changing decisions they are making. I make it my mission to provide an excellent and empathic candidate experience.  

I don’t ignore or ghost people. I don’t lead anyone down the garden path. I don’t over-promise and I don’t make things up.

I practice what I preach. I speak honestly and fairly. I am a straight talker and I follow through with my promises.  

Job Interview

I’m absolutely fascinated by the world of Data Science and as I work across a variety of businesses, I have a holistic view of this sector and how it’s developing really fast to meet the needs of clients from many sectors including Retail, Consumer Goods, tech startups, medical science just to name a few.  Quite often a client will know they need a ‘Data Scientist’ but it’s a broad sector and they may not know exactly who to look for, so I can help them to figure out how this skillset will benefit their business before we go to market to find the right person.

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